Considering making the switch to E cigarettes? Well look no further, you came to the right site! We have made it easy for you to make a knowledgeable decision about switching to ecigs. On our site, you will find that we have compiled reviews on all of the most popular e-cigarette brands. All of the reviews are done by real consumers like you so you get an accurate description of their experience. Switching to ecigs can be one of the healthiest decisions you ever make so it is important to do your research! What’s wrong with tobacco cigarettes? Not only do regular cigarettes contain ingredients that can affect your health, it can affect the health of those around you as well. A normal cigarette contains over 400 potentially harmful chemicals with over 51 of those chemicals being confirmed as carcinogenic. All of this is wrapped up and smoked through a fiberglass filter. When it is all said and done only about 3 percent of what you are smoking is actually Nicotine. So why make the switch? Ecigs contain 2 ingredients, nicotine and water vapor, that’s it. They don’t contain the thousands of ingredients that normal cigarettes do and definitely not all of the dangerous chemicals. An atomizer or cartomizer in an ecig use nicotine and glycerin to create a harmless vapor that is safe for you and those around you. You inhale nicotine, and exhale water vapor. Since the electronic cigarette is not harmful to those around you, you are free to smoke in unconventional places where regular cigarettes aren’t allowed. Can e-cigs help me quit smoking in general? For those thinking about making the switch or even the decision to quit all together, ecigs are the better option. Electronic cigarettes still give you the feeling of smoking and the nicotine you crave without all the adverse risks to your health. Some people find that they switch to e-cigs for the health benefits and are slowly able to cut back and stop smoking all together. You have several options for quitting, but not all of them are healthier options. 1) Many people choose to substitute cigarettes for something else such as patches or chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco actually increases your risks for certain cancers. Patches are very pricey although they can sometimes be effective. 2) Some smokers choose to just cut back on the number of cigarettes they smoke. Even though they are smoking less, they are still inhaling all of those dangerous chemicals. 3) Quitting cold turkey is definitely not easy. Many people set themselves up for failure by trying to stop all of a sudden one day. The best way is to switch to a healthy alternative such as an electronic cigarette and then slowly wean yourself off. We are here to hopefully shed some light on the healthy alternative that is electronic cigarettes. Our experts have put together honest opinions and real facts so that you have all the information you need available to you. Not only do we give you all the important information on ecigs that you could need, we also put it in terms that you can understand. That way you can follow along and know the facts. We have reviews and information from experts, and also from regular people that wanted to offer their personal experience to benefit others. Our website is designed to keep you current on all the newest electronic cigarette information as it comes out. We sort through other blogs and sites to bring you the most accurate and up to date information. Remember, nothing is more important than your health. Ecigs are a breakthrough device that allow smokers to still achieve the feeling of smoking without all the negative health effects. We created this website to educate others on the benefits of switching and give them the information they need to select the brand that is right for them.